11 Useful Tips to create a great blog and start Earning Money online in 2019

How to create a blog and start making money

A blog is a website or a platform were anyone can share their thoughts about a specific niche or topic on the world wide web by the help of different blogging platforms like tumbler, blogger,and wordpress.

So in this post I am going to share 11 Useful tips to create a blog and start Earning money online in 2019

Step-by-step To start a blog

Now I am going to explain everything about  how to start a blog in step by step and Earn money so that anybody can understand it in a proper way and able to implement it properly.

1.Choose a topic

To start blogging you have to first choose a topic or a niche which you understand very well and can able to write quality posts on that topic.
Blogging on a specific niche not only helps you to quickly focus on your writings but  also helps you to create valuable content for your blog.

2.Choose a platform

After choosing niche now you have to choose a platform through which you will create and publish your blogposts to the internet.
There are many platforms like tumbler,wordpress,blogger.com,wix,squarespace,weebly etc.Among these wordpress is the most popular platform among the professional bloggers.

If you are a newbie in blogging field and want to learn blogging you can go with blogger.com where you can setup your custom domain with free hosting.

But if you are serious about blogging and want to make a career in blogging then you should start your blog with wordpress because wordpress provide a lot of features that other platforms cannot provide.

Wordpress provide different plugins which you can use to increase the quality of your posts.

3.Choose a Name for your Blog

After picking up your platform now you have to pick a Domain Name the name for your blog.Choose a name which relates your blog niche.
Example-If you want to start a tech blog you should choose a name related to technology like Techxyz,Technoxyz or XyzTech.

Points to keep in mind while Choosing your Domain Name:-

◆Choose a name related to your niche so that your visitors will able to relate your blog  with a specific niche and visits your blog on regular basis.

◆Choose a top level domain like .com or .net

◆Always try to keep your domain name short not more than 16 character.

◆Always try to buy domain from top domain registrars like Namecheap ,godaddy,bluehost,hostgator because they provide some extra features.

4.Get a good web hosting 

If you are starting your blog on blogger.com then you need not require any hosting plan because blogger provides free hosting.
But if you want to start your blog with wordpress  then you are required to buy a hosting plan.
There are many good hosting company such as bluehost,hostgator, Inmotion, godaddy hosting which provides best hosting service level and always on uptime.
Choose your plan according to your requirements and don't pay extra.Buy hosting according to your budget price.

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5.Use a caching system and a page speed Accelerator 

As your blogs traffic increases day by day the the load time of your blog also increases  and many times your visitors face different problems like page not loading,page not opening.

So you should use browser caching system like W3 total cache or W3 super cache which create a cache of your website by which your load time decreases and speed of your webpages increases.By this your visitors will able to quickly access your blogs and wepages.Also use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which compress all your website data and reducing the size of your blog and increases the speed of your blog.

6.Install Google analytics

Install google analytics on your blog so that you can keep a track on your blog traffic sources.

7.Setup Google's webmaster tool

If you are serious and want to take your blog to a level then you must set up google webmaster tool.Here you can submit your XML sitemap and get different matrices like your realtime users,bounce rate,click through rates,users by device,page views.So by using this tool you can easily track your website growth and performance.

8.Create quality content regularly

If you want to get success in blogging then you must create quality content.The content needs to be meaningful,unique,well written and easily understandable to the users.w rite contents for your visitors not for the search engines.Also you should have to regularly publish content on daily or weekly basis.

9.Share your content on Social networking  platform

To build your audience and to get your blog on right track you have to go social.You have to share your post to different social networking platforms like facebook ,twitter,Instagram and other social media platforms.

10.Join to a Email marketing platform

There are many email marketing platform like Coverkit,constant contact,Mailchimp,Aweber and many other.You can use these email marketing platform to increase your blogs traffic and earn money without doing any work.

11.Monetise your blog to Earn money

Running and managing a blog can be very costly for you.You can monetize your blog contents to Earn some money.

You can monetize with different ads providers like google adsense,media.net,i nfolinks,revenue hits,etc and can earn a good amount of money.Among these ads providers Google adsense is more popular because google adsense gives you more money than othes.

Apply for Google adsense if you have posted at least 12 posts on your blog and if your application is approved then you can show google ads on your blog and start earning revenue.
You can also earn money from your blog by selling ebooks,audio video courses,and by doing affiliate marketing.


So this is all about creating a blog and making money through it.Now you have understand all the basic to create,manage and start earning from a blog.Now you can implement these 11 useful tips to create your dream blog and start earning online.

Hope you like this post of 11 Useful Tips to create a great blog and start Earning Money online in 2019.If you like this post do share it with your friends and colleagues and if you want to ask some questions related to blogging and money earning then you can directly comment in the comment box below I will try my best to answer all your questions.

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