20 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online in Your Spare Time

20 Best and Easy Ways To Earn Money Online in Your Spare Time

Hello guys are you searching for the easy ways to earn money online then you're on the right place.Here on this page you'll find all the best and the easiest ways to earn a handsome amount of money online in your spare time.

Any new ways I find will be updated to this page and if you have any new idea you can share it on the comments.

Below is the list of 20 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

20 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

1.Taking online surveys

Online survey is one of the Popular ways for students to earn money online.There are a lots of market research company looking for the peoples to take surveys in their spare time and in return earn rewards and offers.

You can register with any of them and fill the surveys by sharing your opinions and in return earn cash rewards.

For filling a survey you will get some points in your account which is paid as cash or rewards.you can earn between $1 to $5 for some surveys.

2.Starting a website

If you want to earn a good amount of money monthly then you should focus on starting a website.Website has a good potential to generate good amount of income if you do all the things correctly.

There are many things to know while creating a website like on which platform to start,how to choose your niche,which hosting to choose,which Seo tools to use,how to write a good post,how to promote your website.

You can earn money from your website/blog by showing GoogleAdsense ads  ,by selling products on your website,by doing affiliate marketing,by taking sponsorship.

So by doing all these things you can start earning money from your website.

There is no limitation on the earnings from a website/blog.It depends on some of the metrices like how beautifully you have designed your website,how you have written your posts,how you have done your on page and off page SEO and how you have done the marketing of your website.

If you have done all these things correctly then your website ranking will be high and there will be a lots of traffic on your website which will leads to a lots of earning.You can easily earn up to $1000/month from your website.

3.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another good source of online earning.If you refer someone any online product and when that person buys that product based on your recommendation you will get some commission.The commission can vary  depending on which type of products you are promoting. 

When you register for a affiliate company they will provide a URL/link of the product which you want to promote.The URL is used by the company to keep a  track on all traffic and the sales made via your website or other techniques.

There are many online companies who sells ,Electronic products,shoes,web-hosting services or other things offers a affiliate program.

You can join any company,s affiliate programs and get your unique URL.You can use this URL on your website to promote company,s services or product and if any visitor buys the company's product through this link you will get commission.

There is no restriction on your earning when doing affiliate.It depends on how many products you have sold through the company,s link.


Are you good in writing or you likes to build apps or you do a little bit of graphics design or you are good in teaching.There are lots of freelancing jobs which requires some simple skills and your free time.

You can do freelancing jobs on your spare time which will not effect your daily life and you also earn money.

To do a freelancing jobs you have first register with a freelancing job site and have to write a good description about yourself in your profile.Now you can start taking orders from the clients and start earning money.You can charge $5 to $10 per order in your initial stage and as you grow in your field you can increase your charges.

The best part of freelancing jobs is that you can take clients from any where in the world.You have to just wait for your clients orders and complete their orders and earn money.
You can try starting with the top freelancing sites like Fiverr,Upwork,Freelancer,etc.

5.Selling e-books or e-course online

If you are good in writing,you can write an e-book or can create e-courses and start selling these online.

You can create e-books on the latest trends like Digital marketing,How to create a website,Search Engine optimization(SEO) or you can create e-courses on different programming languages,Android App development,etc and sell them online to earn good amount of money.

You can sell these e-books or e-courses on yous website or on any other website or by using different social networking platforms like facebook,instagram or by using whatsapp.

6.Selling products on Amazon

Another way of earning online is to become a seller on amazon.To sell anything on amazon you have to first register with them and provide your business details,bank account details and your tax information.

Once you are registered you can setup your store on amazon by listing your products through their easy-to-use listing tools.Now you can start receiving orders from the customers,Amazon delivers your orders and you receive payments from the amazon.

Payments will be deposited directly to your bank account within 7 days.

You will also get customised tips and suggestions to boost your performance and increase your sales.

You can also sell you products internationally in US or EU through amazon.Amazon international logistics network will fulfil your international orders.

7.Earn by writing content for websites or blogs

Are you good in writing and want to earn money by writing articles then you can start writing posts or articles for websites or blogs.

There are many websites,blogs or companies hiring skilled writer to write content for their website/blogs.You can write technology related article or can write articles on travel or on food recipes or on any niche for which you are hired.

You can easily earn between $500 to $1000 monthly by writing posts or articles for websites/blogs.

You can use sites like Freelancewriting,upwork,iwriter to find content writing jobs.

8.Instagram page

Instagram has gained very much popularity in the last 3 years and its monthly users hits 1billion user as of june 2018.About 32% of all internet users are on instagram.Top brands are now dedicating their social media marketing budget on this image sharing platform.

So,it is now the perfect time to earn cash on its growing popularity.If you are ready and committed to give time to build your instagram page,you can easily start making serious amount of money from your instagram page.

You can earn money from instagram by doing affiliate marketing,selling fashion items,selling photos and creating sponsored posts for brands.You can also promote your business,products or services or you can also sell your instagram account to earn money.

These are some sites where you can sell your instagram accounts:

9.Creating a Youtube channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google with 3 billion searches per month.It is a video sharing site where you can get any category of videos like tech,music,food,travel,movie trailers and many more.Most of the content is uploaded by the individuals.

To earn money from youtube you have to first create a youtube channel and start uploading videos when your total videos get 10,000 views and 2000 hrs watch time you can apply for monetizing your channel and when your channel is approved you can start showing ads on your videos and start earning money.

You will get money only for the ads shown on your videos.You can get upto $1 to $7 per 1000 video views.Youtube takes 45% of the advertising revenue from videos views in the partner program and gives 55% to the uploader.

You can withdraw the money from your adsense account when your account gets minimum $100.Youtube directly transfers the amount to your bank account every month.

Apart from adsense there are many sources through which you can generate income on youtube.You can do affiliate marketing,you can get sponsorship from different brands or you can do paid promotion for brands to earn good amount of money.

To run a successful youtube channel you have to maintain continuity by regularly uploading videos on your channel.

10.Creating Android apps

Creating an Android app is not a easy task,as it requires a lots of hardwork, should have a deep knowledge in java programming and layout designing.

But there are some sites like Appsgeyser,App yet,AppyPie where you can easily build some good quality of Android apps without knowledge of any programming language.You have to just use the drag and drop interface and some tools to create apps.After that you can publish your apps on different Appstores to earn money.You will earn money by placing ads in your apps.

But if you are a skilled java programmer you can easily create any type of android app by using Android studio.To build apps on android studio you have to first install android studio on your Pc or Mac.

You can easily earn up to $1000/month from your apps depending on the type and design of your apps You have created.You can earn money through your apps by placing  ads in your apps using your admob account or you can sell your apps to earn money.

11.Selling services online

Selling services online is another good way through which you can earn money online.You have to first build your website where you can start selling your services.

There are many services like Themes and logos designing,graphics designing,web designing,teaching services,consultancy services,web hosting services you can start to sell to your customers.

Here is no limitation on your earnings as you can fix the price for each service as you want.

12.Selling photos online

Are you good in clicking some awesome photos,you can easily earn money from your photos just by simply uploading and selling your photos online.

You can sell your photos on your own website or you can sell your photos on  other best websites like sutterstock,Photolia,alamy and many more.As a contributor you can make anywhere from 20% to 60% on each sale make through these websites.

13.Creating an online store

Starting an online store is a great idea as you can reach millions of customers by sitting at your home and you also have not to the pay rent as in physical sore.

You can build your online store by creating your own website where you can sell your own products.For this you have to developing your business plan like what products you want to sell,finding a niche,register a domain name,choosing a web hosting,designing your website,picking a payment gateway and many more.

But if you don't want to do all these hard work then you can register with some sites like woopler,sopify where they provide a platform to open your own online store.

You have to simply register with them and select the products you want to sell and place them in your online store.You also have not to take the tension of the delivery and the products.

Your work is just to list the products in your store and take the orders from the customers.

All other things like providing the products and their delivery will be done by the company.

When you sell a product through your store you get some percentage of commission of the product you have sold.

You can also use the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram to get more customers and earn more.

14.Stock Market trading

Stock market trading is a good idea as you can earn a huge amount of money in a single day.But is also very much risky if you have not the proper knowledge of the market.

To increase you knowledge about the stock market trading you can watch news channels like CNBC or you can read newspapers like business standard,  economic times to get a good market knowledge.

If you have not proper knowledge about the stock market then you should not enter in this field.

15.Earn through Earning apps

There are many apps through which you can earn money by your smartphone in your spare time.

You will earn money by playing online games,watching videos,browsing the internet and taking online surveys.

You can check our post of 12+ Best money making Apps 2019 to make money with your smartphone.

16.Get paid for Testing Apps

Want to earn some extra money a side then you can start testing apps.There are some websites which pays you for testing applications.

To test an app you have to first select the application available for testing.
During testing you have to find the errors and the flaws in the app so that developers can improve them for a better user experience.

You should always  give your genuine opinions and thoughts about the apps.

You can earn between $5 to $10 for each app you test successfully. 

You can try testing with some best websites like testerwork,makeuseof,   99tests and usertesting.

17.URL shortener

URL shortening sites is another best and easiest way to earn money online.

When you short your long url through some URL shortener sites and share that shorted URL on internet and when some one clicks on that link they will first see a 5sec of an advertisement and after that they will go to the destination page.

You earn money by that 5sec advertisement.You can get up to $5 to $10 per 1000 clicks on your link.

There are dozens of URL shortener sites on the internet but reality is that most of them are fake and does not pay a single dollar.

So you can check the list of Best and highest paying URL shortener sites which I personally use.

18.Earn by Captcha solving 

Captcha solving is another easiest way to earn money online.You can give atleast 2hrs of your free time daily to become a good captcha solver.

To start earning from captcha solving you have to first join a captcha solving site and then read the captcha images and type exact characters you see on the captcha images.

Your should have to use your fingers very fast to solve the captcha successfully.
For every 1000 captcha you solve successfully you will get up to $2.

Some of the best captcha solving job sites you can try:Protyper,captchatyper,

19.Earn by searching the web

You must be daily doing many activities online by searching on the web,but have you ever thought that you can earn money by searching on the web.
Yes,there are many websites which pays for searching on the web.

You just have to install the extension to your browser and whenever you search for anything on google,bing or yahoo you will get money in your account.

you can withdraw your money to your paypal account.

Some of the best you can try: Swagbucks,Qmee,Zoombucks and Fusioncash.

20.Get cash back on shopping

If you want to earn money as cashback on shopping then you can use cashkaro.It is a website which provides different cashback offers on different products when you shop online on Amazon,flipkart,myntra,medlife or other retailer websites.
To earn money you have to first join cashkaro,click on a cashback deal you like,shop on the retailer website,after that your cashback will be credited to your cashkaro account.You can transfer that caskback amount to your bank account.

So, these are some easy ways to earn money online in your spare time.Hope you like this post and implement these best ways in your daily life to earn mony online.And if you have any suggestion or you know some ways to earn money online then you can comment in the comment box.

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